Sea Spirits by Katie Schuler

Collaborative project with artist and photographer Katie Schuler. I laser cut interlocking shapes that puzzle piece together to create life-size marine animals (the longest being the 30 ft. whale shark seen above). The pieces were painted by Katie for her show, Sea Spirits, in Washington, D.C. and sold to raise money for the Chesapeake Bay Foundation.


Photos of Trees Engraved into Trees

A collaboration with photographer Faryn Davis. For her gallery show I worked with Faryn to engrave her photographs of striking symmetry found in nature into found piece of wood. I have a detailed post on my blog about how we took her beautiful colorful images and burned them into wood. The process really transformed them into their own art. At her gallery show, Faryn displayed the printed photograph next to the engraved one. An interesting contrast. Her photographs and services can be found here.


Laser Cut Speakers and Custom Kitty-Cat Amp Grill

This blue tooth speaker constructed out of layers of laser cut plywood laminated together with glue. It has an intricate art-deco inspired, laser cut speaker grill. The amp on the right was built out of a mahogany drawer, topped off with a laser cut grill. In case you can't tell the pattern is made up of little kitty-cat heads. These both are collaborations with my musician husband (with an electronics background).