Vintage Flash Card Wall Art DIY

I spent the first whole month of the year sorting, purging, organizing and cleaning my entire house. After going through all my stuff I have learned that getting rid of craft supplies is the absolute hardest thing to do. I have hoarded paper goods with the expectation of turning them into some cool "future project." But purge I did... except for a couple of vintage items—these vintage bird identification cards included. I knew I had to think up a project with them right away. 

Vintage Flash Card Art DIY

Seeing as I had an empty frame laying around, I decided on an easy and fast tiled wall art project. This can totally be done with any quirky flash cards you may find at a garage sale or antique shop. There are also a bunch on Etsy here.

Vintage Flash Card Wall Art DIY

First I tiled the flash cards with varying colors and orientations to add to the abstraction and interest. Mine just happened to fit perfectly, but you may need to trim yours to fit. I then glued them with Mod Podge (or any paper-friendly glue) onto mat board. Well, actually I glued mine right onto the cardboard that came with the frame, but this is not ideal because its not archival. If you want your art to last, use a non-acidic mat board. Do as I say, not as I do!

Vintage Flash Card Decor DIY

I then slipped the board into the frame and voila, instant art! And one less thing I need to organize and put away.