Keep Families Together Protest Sign

I have had a lot of current-events fueled anxiety lately and one big help has been to channel my energy and rage into making. I designed this poster for the Keep Families Together Rally. While political posters and political artists have been a huge influence and motivator for me as both an artist and a designer, this was my first time designing one.


El Cucuy is the Mexican/Latin American equivalent of the boogeyman, a mysterious, ambiguous monster that kidnaps children. I thought it an apt metaphor for Trump and his administration’s atrocious treatment of immigrants and their child separation policy. But if you’re not familiar with El Cucuy I tried to signal the monster vibe with dark and drippy contours and colors inspired by vintage b-movie horror films.  

I had originally intended to laser cut this out of wood or acrylic and possibly use as a stencil which is why all the pieces connect and web out. In the end I had it printed before the protest. Definitely helped me feel like I DID something, even if it wasn’t much.